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Engine heating & timed climate problems

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Hi There.
It is about MY08 L322 3.6 V8 disel, Vogue specs.

Last winter timed climate control was just fine (from remote and from timer as well).
It is of course full device,including FBH and stuff (not just fans).
Now, it seems to be some problem there.

When the car is cold (after night, 5 deg Celcius), heater will not start by timer at all.
When I try to turn it on by remote, fans starts for a few seconds and then turns off, led on the remote starts to blink yellow very fast.
When I try to turn it on by the button on lcd (engine off), it goes green for a second, then red the gray again...
On the other hand, when the car is worm (after 20-30 km driving), I can turn the climate on - the fans are working, the remote key shows green on start and red on stop (as it should). Not sure if the burner works or not.

Related (or not) is that now the car needs much more time to heat up fully than before. Now I need to drive about 10-15 km (city traffic, ca 30-40 km/h) in order to temp indicator be completly vertical...
I suspect the thermostat, but how this can make any influence on climate controll? Well... my MPG is worse but that is understandable, cold engine - more fuel...:)

Can these be related somehow ? What to test / check ?
Many thanks in advance
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Hi. I have the same problem, don’t have a solution but maybe someone have?

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