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Engine flush

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Do any of you guys use engine flushes before an oil change as normally i just drop and change but just thought this time to give it an extra boost of cleaning additive before i change.(120,000 miles)
Or is it best to let a sleeping wolf lye?
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One question will the Engine Flush stop the tapping sound that comes from the valves or does one have to change the tappers as well as my mechanic is saying.Your reply will be quite apprecaited cos I intend to visit the workshop this weekend.
No harm in trying, it worked a treat for the hydraulic tappets in my previous LWB 2.4 Frontera, close to the next oil change the tappet started acting up again but post flush and oil change all was well once more.

On my Diesel Frontera I ran that on 75% waste engine oil and 25% kerrosine [or petrol, whatever I had in the jerry can] The kerrosine flushed out the fuel system a treat and blocked the fuel filter as a result - I always carried a spare!

On the Rangie I mixed good clean diesel and Kerosine 50/50 on my last long trip - yup about 75miles down the highway I'm coasing to a halt having blocked the fuel filter - I had a spare - same filter as the Frontera had by coincidence! so kerrosine seems to work good at flushing stuff out - I added a couple of quarts to the Jeep last weekend and let it idle for 15/20 mins before doing its oil change. How effective it was I cant say and DEFINATELY would not drive it or put any load on the engine with kerrosine in the oil.

I might try the ATF idea on the Rangies oil change if it has a high detergent content.

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Just a thought on the ATF thing. I am no oil expert but my understanding of detergent oils v 'straight' oils is that the detergent oil carries a large amount of the carbon etc in suspension [certaily true of my transmission oil at present!!] whereas non detergent oils dont and the gunge sinks to the bottom of the sump.

Most if not all engine oils used nowadays will be detergent oils [i am guessing here] and so the engine internals will be cleaner - might not look it - than a non detergent oil, but nevertheless if a high[er] detergent oil is introduced it will start to clean up the internals even more and carry more of the gunge in the oil. This means that the possibility of the oil filter becoming blocked and bypassing itself is something to be considered ??? - if you, say, run the engine between oil changes with a quart or so ATF in it to clean things up on a high mileage engine.

I am old enough to remember the switch to detergent aviation oils from straight aviation oils and certainly blocked filters were an issue when swapping to a detergent oil after long time useage of a non detergent oil. The ATF additive thing wont be as dramatic as the aviation experience but the same principals will probably apply.

Which by the way is why engine oil goes black very shortly after putting clean stuff in, the carbon etc is being suspended in the oil, not layin in the sump.

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