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Engine flush

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Do any of you guys use engine flushes before an oil change as normally i just drop and change but just thought this time to give it an extra boost of cleaning additive before i change.(120,000 miles)
Or is it best to let a sleeping wolf lye?
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I've used ATF to flush the 4.0 on my Jeep. A little in the oil fill and a little through each spark plug hole. Ran about 10 minutes and drained it out.

I've also used a spray bottle to mist water into the throttle body while the truck is running to give a little top end steam clean. The idea is to get water vapor in the intake mainfold to mix with incoming air. Again change oil when complete.

I know a mechanic who will hook up a jug of water with a vac line to the intake manifold to do regular steam cleaning. Haven't tried that technique yet, similar premise though.
Yep, I've heard that the rotaries really can benefit from that technique on a regular basis. The guy I know has a tuned SAAB and does it regularly. I'll have to get the details from him on how he plumbs it into the manifold vac nipple. I don't know if he uses an Aquamist system or if it is homemade.

From my experience I just spray it in there until the engine starts to really stumble, then let it catch up and do it again. Maybe 5 minutes worth of that and then change the oil. Might try it on the Rangie after I do some gasket work this spring.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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