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Engine flush

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Do any of you guys use engine flushes before an oil change as normally i just drop and change but just thought this time to give it an extra boost of cleaning additive before i change.(120,000 miles)
Or is it best to let a sleeping wolf lye?
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I was going to recommend the tranny fluid also...although I've never seen anyone do it completely with tranny fluid. :shock:

I was thinking more along the lines of adding one or two quarts of atf (making sure you don't overfill by removing some oil), and putting 10 miles or so of light, light driving on it.

Either will probably work...although I choose to let sleeping dogs lie.
Chris X said:
I know a mechanic who will hook up a jug of water with a vac line to the intake manifold to do regular steam cleaning. Haven't tried that technique yet, similar premise though.

That's what we old RX7 guys do. The rotary engine gets pretty gummed up with carbon, and when you suck in the water through the vaccum line it breaks it all up... then you have a better running engine. yay.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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