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Did you post this on AULRO Forum??? I remember reading something, and have been thinking that it will be possible, but...

1. You would need to make up your own loom to the oxygen sensors and plug this in to the relevant pins on the ECU, which I believe is the same. Unless someone can confirm that the ECU is different ( i think unlikely)

2. You could just buy a later Engine loom off a car already fitted with Oxy sensors (97MY - I think) and you would then need to change the settings in the ECU using Faultmate or similar. Remember though that in 97 they changed some connectors/plugs such as the Cam Sensor (ask me how I know), so you would need to change this or splice the new plug on.

Maybe its on the discos/rangie classics that came with an optional (or someone made one) loom for the sensors. TRS were of the opinion that mine would not be able to compensate for the higher Compression Ratio (9.55:1) and Cam (PC216) unless it had Oxy sensors. The Oxy sensors provide some very vital information to the ECU and without them the ECU has very little to go on. MY analogy would be a blind person trying to see if a light is on. They know they've turned the switch, but is the light on or has the globe blown.

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