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I have a 2018 Range Rover sport supercharged purchased in April with 453miles on the odometer recently took the car in to Land Rover encino for some updates on the touch pro duo system and Bluetooth audio

Vehicle was dropped off on the 15 of October and they performed the updates and few other little problems were looked at and got the call on Tuesday the 23 that the vehicle was ready to be picked up

Went that evening to pick up vehicle they claim they had done a multi point inspection on the vehicle also and the vehicle passed with flying colors. Odometer at point of picking up the vehicle was at 4028 miles

I pick up the vehicle and only about 6 min and 4.5 miles later vehicles starts making loud noises on the highway and stalls out

Towed back to dealer after 6 min of driving and got a call few days later from the dealer that the vehicle has a seized motor and it only had 2 quarts of oil In it

Still waiting for a response as what they are going to be doing but I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar

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