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Engine compatability?

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I am wondering if I can put an engine from a '95 Range Rover (3.9L) into my '87 Rover (3.5L).
Was it the same block all that time and are the crankshaft splines the same?
I understand that a 3.9 is just a bored out 3.5 in '95.
Curious about engine mounts and if I have to move the tranny as well (don't want to).
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Personally Ive test driven several 3.9ltr examples and I much prefer the 3.5ltr jobbie as it seems a lot smoother as an engine !

Instead of going down the second motor route, why not re-build your current donk with a "JE Engineering" 4.8 ltr V8 cross bolt ?


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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