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Engine compatability?

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I am wondering if I can put an engine from a '95 Range Rover (3.9L) into my '87 Rover (3.5L).
Was it the same block all that time and are the crankshaft splines the same?
I understand that a 3.9 is just a bored out 3.5 in '95.
Curious about engine mounts and if I have to move the tranny as well (don't want to).
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Thanks for responding,
Yes- I'm going to swap the engine computer. The ignition should be about the same.
Not sure where is the easiest place to seperate the engine from the tranny yet.
Glad to know the block...didn't change.
Also- thanks for the pics of your Anglia Rufant. Looks good.
Just in case anyone is interested, Engine bolted right in except for mounting bolts are different size.
Had to use my air cutting tool to widen the mount receivers in the '87.
I'll work on the electrical later. Is there a connector on the other side of the firewall to swap engine wiring harness?
I will look tomorrow because it would be much easier than cutting/splicing wires.
Got a pic, but not good. It was dim and after the beers I was too.
Sparky, you are famous!
I pasted "JE Engineering" 4.8 ltr V8 cross bolt " into google and came up with one result-- Your posting.
I'm not aware of lots of parts companies and by your wording I believe it could be real...somewhere.
My '97 4.0 has cross main bolts. Maybe the same block perhaps. Did you mean "4.6 ltr" ?
Thanks for writing,

P.S. Can't figure out how to attach pics to postings.
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