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2008 L322 HSE Naturally aspirated.

So fuse 7 keeps blowing in my engine bay fuse box. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for this circuit?

Background info: So last black Friday fuse 7 blew, okay no bid deal I replace it and all is good. Weird thing was and this could just be coincidence but the DTML pump went at the same time. I replace fuse 7 trucks runs but still check engine light, I trouble shoot and figure out its the DTML pump. I install the new one and check engine light goes away. All is good in Rover Land until last week.

So here is where the weird electrical stuff begins. I pull out of my driveway last week and DTC disabled pops up on my screen, but no other issues. Seems to resolve itself. Then probably Wednesday of last week I notice that the Speedo and Tach lights are out as well as all the button lights and AC dial lights. You can turn the dial and see the blue, but the actual dial does not light up.

Truck has a new battery that I installed last November.

So something is up with fuse 7 for sure because as soon as I install a new fuse it blows which makes me think there is a short. Weird that all of a sudden I have multiple electrical issues though.

Thoughts and suggestions?
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