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This is a long read but worth it, if it helps.

It will [eventually] get into the details of potential repair options for the PB module.

Given the amount of work involved, prior to removing a suspect PBM I advise spending a couple of bucks having someone with SDD determine whether the PBM can be communicated with as there is currently no repair available for a fried circuit board.


That is an obscene amount of work to get to something so silly. I'd have cut a panel out of the boot before dropping the whole rear end of the car. haha

2,487 Posts
These are the instructions for removal of the EPB unit
yes its a copy and paste i take no credit for this

So I managed to get some leave for Friday morning, Jacked the fattie back up on her stands on Thursday night, and proceeded to lower the subframe once again...

1. Jack her up
2. Remove wheels
3. Remove brakes - everything
4. disconnect airlines and empty airbags - The air tank still keeps the air in the system, it just the bags that empty
5. Disconnect shock absorber
6. Remove emergency release cable - I remembered this time
7. unclip all airlines from the tub
8. get jack under the rear diff, small trolley jack does not have the correct height capacity, you need a bigger jack..
9. Loosen the 4 subframe bolts, replace two with the existing shock absorber bolts which include some spacers allowing for approx 50mm max subframe drop.
10. Say a small prayer.
11. disconnect compressor fuse & handbrake fuse - all in the boot cavity on the fattie's
12. Remove entire exhaust.
13. Drop subframe
14. Disconnect retaining clips and brackets between each of the 2 handbrake cables & rear upper control arms
15. disconnect the handbrake cable to rear backing plate bolt.
16. disconnect battery.
17. disconnect EPB module electrical plug
18. Unbolt and remove EPB module...
I'd like to offer a secondary set of instructions...

1.) figure location of e-brake module
2.) fit metal cutting blade to pneumatic saw
3.) cut the boot entirely out of the car
4.) success

you're all welcome.
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