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So I ordered an Emergency Manual Inflation kit for the air suspension on my '01 (US model) from: http://tawpark4x4.com/parts.htm

nd I wanted to share my experience in installing this in case you were thinking of installing one of these (which I do recommend):

1. I ordered the kit from the above link, which I found through ebay. But now that I have done it, I realized that I could have easily ordered all the parts separately and saved about half. But since I had never done this before, I was willing to pay for the kit as one and get the instructions.

2. In their diagram on how to install the mount they have it on the inside (side facing the engine) of the EAS valve block box. And they show you this install with the box sitting on a bench. They even say something like they did this for demonstration purposes. Well I wasn't about to pull the whole thing out, not practical nor necessary. However, I found that placing it there on the inside was way too tight a fit with the hoses (I think there were some other issues, but I am typing this a while after the install and can't remember what else. I know that the brake accumulator there helps makes it a tight fit). So I decided to mount it on the outside of the box (side closest to the fender). I also think it's a lot more handy and accessible having it there when you're filling up.

3. Given where I now decided to place it, I found that the hoses provided were too short. So I went to Home Depot (US hardware store) and found in the sprinkler aisle black plastic tubing the exact same size as what was provided. I can't remember the exact size, but bring a piece with you and you'll find it there. I also bought (you'll see in the pics) colored electrical tape (4 colors) to mark the hoses. Wasn't sure I'd need that, but couldn't hurt and looks nice I thought.

4. Now with the ability to go as long as I want on the hose, I took the 2 front bolts off of the EAS valve block which loosened up the base a bit and ran the hoses under there to get the proper desired lengths. I used a fresh razor blade to cut the hoses to size (just push down and it gives a nice clean, straight cut). I marked each hose with the tape color accordingly and mounted the bracket and hooked up the hoses per the instructions. Also, of course, bolted the box back down. Was very easy. You'll see too that I labeled each hose valve with FL, FR, RL, RR using a labeller.

5. Also check the connections with a soapy water spray. I found one was leaking and just pushed it in tighter and that fixed it.

Now....jump ahead about 2 months and here in Las Vegas (about 2 weeks ago) we were having a heat wave. Temps got up to 119 degrees here. Got into my car (at night no less!) and the suspension had totally failed. I checked the hoses and 3 of them had burst a hole in them and the plastic L bracket provided by TawPark was completely warped from the heat:

So now what I did is this:

1. Replaced all the hoses and bought foil duct tape to help with the heat issue. If you don't live in an area that gets as ridiculously hot as it does here in Las Vegas, you may not need to worry about this. I just covered the area you see in the pic and that worked. That was the only spot the hoses were bursting. I didn't mention that I replaced the hoses once and it did it again the next day....that's what prompted getting this foil tape and seems to have worked. Hoses stopped bursting.

If there is a better option you find for the hoses, like maybe at an auto parts store, let me know. I just found these, they worked, aside from the heat issue, and just stuck with them. But very easy to change to something better if it's out there.

Auto part Wire Vehicle Fuel line Engine

2. I took a large zip tie and pulled the bunch of hoses away, gently, from the brake accumulator using the bracket from the cruise control that is right behind the EAS valve block.

3. I then got a piece of 1" angle aluminum (cut it to 6 1/2" long) and drilled 4 1/2" holes in it for the valves. The plastic mount provided had 3/8" holes, but there's some give to plastic and the valves can be forced through. A 3/8' hole in the aluminum was just slightly too small. And 1/2" is slightly too big, but it gives you some wiggle room to get the valves lined up perfectly straight and the washer will keep it straight and the hole covered.

4. I also drilled some small holes into the other side of the L bracket for 2 mounting screws. I just used sheet metal screws which tapped quite easily into the plastic box.

Vehicle Auto part Car Technology Automotive lighting

I found that using the angle aluminum, as opposed to the cheap plastic L bracket provided, also gives a much more sturdy and solid feel when you're filling up the suspension with air. So don't even bother using that plastic bracket. Make one like I did. And you can buy all the valve connectors on ebay for I think around $25 for 4 (?). Buy the hose and aluminum bracket at Home Depot or local hardware store and the directions are at tawpark's website: http://www.tawpark4x4.com/instructions/manual_inflation_device.htm

Any questions let me know. Hope this helps!


P.S. Home Depot also sells an air pump/inflator which plugs into your cig light adapter for $29. Handy to have and worked well for me.
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