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This actually pertains to my 2010 LR4, but it could happen to other LR's.

For the second time in 500 miles, my emergency brake decided to turn on by itself at 80 mph on the highway. The feeling was a gradual increasing vibration that felt like a blown tire. The result is a ruined brake rotor and shoes. luckily, I was near my dealer both times, so I was able to drive straight there. Initially, they suspected clearance issues with the shoes, but now that it's happened again, they want to replace the EPB control module which, of course, is backordered until May. Additionally, it requires alot of the rear end of the truck to be disassembled. It's located up above the spare tire. They put another rotor and shoes on for now, but now I can't trust this truck. I'm thinking of dumping it, which sucks because I really like this truck. I just can't count on it anymore...

I hope Tata isn't ruining this company. The dealers can't any vehicles and parts are always on backorder. It took 4 months to get a replacement backup camera for my RR S/C.
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