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1. Engine off, all accessories on for 30 seconds, then off. What voltage _12,5_____
2. Voltage across battery at idle (no electrical load) 13,4____________
3. Voltage across battery at 2000rpm (no electrical load) 13,5________
4. Voltage across battery at 2000rpm (everything electrical switched on) 13,28_________
5. Voltage at ALTERNATOR at 2000rpm (everything switched on)14,1___________________
6. Voltage drop between alternator body and battery negative (YES negative). Measure at max electrical load and 2000rpm 130______________ (millivolts please)
7. Voltage drop between alternator positive and battery positive. 2000rpm, max electrical load 57_____________

What are your symptomsOnce get the Alternator Fault then nothing, installed recently the Little Black Box EMS and it says Alternator Fault
What have you done to fix it so far.

Cleaned all the earths, Sprayed WD40 on those
Battery is only one year old.
Alternator is OEM Magneti Marelli 120 Amp and has never been changed. I do have all the history of the truck

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If the alternator is from Magneti Marelli it is obviously changed in the past .... When you buy a new one, I would check if the 150A will fit... the more AAAA's the Better!

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