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Electrical Problem

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A little history to begin with. What I have is a 1999 4.0se with the bosch electrical system and about 161,000 miles on it.
I haven't drove it much this winter do to a air leak in the system and it is from what I can tell a none return valve in the valve bank. So about every seven to ten days I take it out for a five or six mile run to get it warmed up and then it sets for a while. Today I got in and put the key in the ignition, turned the key to the on position and none of the dash lights came :( , turned the key a little further and it started up ok and THEN the dash flashed ELECTRICAL FAULT, FUEL GAUGE FAULT, TEMP GAUGE FAULT, AIRBAG FAULT, AND BACK TO ELECTRICAL FAULT AND STAYED ON ELECTRICAL FAULT. So at this point the fuel gauge and temp gauge never moved and the little orange light was on in the fuel gauge and the red light was on in the temp gauge. Took it for a run and about a mile out all seemed to be ok for a second and then back to the faults a that is were it stayed. Got it back home and turned ignition key to the off position and pulled the key out and all the warning lights stayed on. This is a mystery to me and sure would like some insight from someone who might have a idea as to what is going on here and what to do to correct the problem. I have taken real good care of this but things like just happen. I do need to find a new home for this because I just don't have time for it anymore, to many other things to do.
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I hope you're not giving up just yet.

Your problem may be as simple as bad connections to the battery or perhaps a bad connection to the fusebox or a ground.

I've recently had fault showing w/ ABS fault in the info display. The culprit turned out to be loose connection to the battery. Once I installed shims to the battery terminal, all problems gone! Hope this gives you some hope.
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