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I appreciate everyone's input. I know that I'm no pro electrician, just trying to keep my car running and functioning. This isn't a concurs example by any means, just a way to have fun on the weekends.
Anyway, I pulled fuse E6, which is the circuit which controlled seat relays and window lift relays which I had wired into the main Ign+ circuit. (See below).


#8 above is what had failed originally while I had the dash apart. My temporary fix was the ignition switch between 166 (Ign+ when key on) and 164 (battery+) and a starter button as well. This left the auxiliary ign+ circuit (165) out of the equation, which is why the windows and seats weren't working. I bridged this connection with the orange line you see in the image above. Since 165 is a separate, auxiliary circuit, the only difference between it and 166 (primary ign+ circuit) is that 165 activates on key position 1 and 166 activates on key position 2.


I didn't see any issue with essentially combining the two into one key position.In fact, this had worked fine right up until I tried to use the A/C and everything quit. After pulling the fuse for E6, the car starts and runs normally again, albeit without windows or seats. I'm thinking that somewhere in this circuit there's a short, so I'll need to trace that down before I can put power to the circuit again.

Here's a pic of the ignition button (top) and starter button (bottom). Not the most elegant solution, but kinda cool. The switch panel was already broken and glued back together. I will probable redo this later.
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