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Electric Drivers Seat, 95 SWB

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Starnge thing with the front seat, switch operates mirrors not the seat. Passenger seat works fine, guy I purchased it from said the ECU is alriaght as it drives both seats so if one works then ECU OK. Obscure, anyone seen this?
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And you actually believed the PO? :lol:

The seat ECU only operates the driver's seat and both mirrors. The passenger seat does not go through the ECU but is wired directly from the passenger seat switch through relays.

When the ECU starts to fail, the first thing to go is the driver's seat but the mirrors will still work - for a while. Typically, the battery, which is soldered to the circuit board, leaks and damages the board. You can try to clean the corrosion off the board and replace the battery. If you've caught it in time, you might get lucky.
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