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Hello All, I have been doing research on adding a brake controller to my 2003 RR (L322) which came wired with Trailer harness from Factory. I know there are other posts on this forum that show you how to wire a brake controller, which requires some effort and some wiring (something I did not want to do). I discovered that TEKONSHA makes a wireless brake controller (Prodigy 90250). This controller requires a 7 pin connector (mine came with one- standard Ford version) and it also requires that there is constant 12 v power (to the connector at 1 o clock). To my dismay, I found out that factory harness has NO constant power to this connector. What I discovered was that fuse 6 (which is not present) in the trunk fuse box (on right hand side of trunk) is the missing key. Put a fuse in it and now you have power to the pin at 1 o clock and the wireless brake controller works. Not knowing how big of a fuse to put there, I used a 30amp. Simple. Costs a bit more for the unit but, in my opinion, worth it to avoid splicing into wiring. Please note that my vehicle is a US version that came pre-wired. However, this controller works with any vehicle with 7 pin connector and constant 12v power. Hope this helps others in the same predicament.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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