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EKA for 2001 German LHD

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For some unknown reason and without warning my battery completely died so I've bought a replacement and am now trying to get my key to work again.

It's a German origin 2001 LHD model, now in Azerbaijan so no friendly or knowledgeable dealers. The guy I bought it from didn't have the key code and the dealer he used to take it to had just gone bust so no help there.

I managed a key lockout once about a year ago but of course can't recall what I did...now I think I've tried everything but just in case...

My key turns clockwise to lock (opposite to the UK handbook). The battery in the key fob seems OK, it flashes red when I press it.
Just putting the key in the ignition doesn't seem to do anything
I've tried connecting the battery with the key in position 2 - no joy
I've tried the EKA with four locks, then 1515 unlock-lock-unlock-lock to no avail (and the other way for good measure)
On this procedure the last turn leaves the car locked - so what should I do, or what should happen next :?:
a) Remove key and try to unlock with fob? Nothing...
b) Unlock car with key and insert into ignition? BECM says all the windows are unsynced, then says "Press remote or enter keycode"
I've tried putting the key in the door while pressing the unlock button - the LED flashes faster but no sign of it doing anything.

In all the attempts to open the car I guess it's possible that the key has got out of sync with the BECM - and I don't know what state the alarm is in, but there have never been any loud noises (yet...touch wood).

Any help gratefully received. I'm not a car techie and don't have access to much equipment either. The car was working OK before the battery went flat.

Many thanks
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Try this..

1st up though if you have the owners operation book in the vehicle it describes in detail on what to do, Im sure if you dig about you may come across the EKA code in the book or on the sunvisor..

Roll down a window
disconnect battery, make sure its properly charged.

Leave drivers door open, insert key into ignition and turn to position 2 (Dash lights on)

Connect battery, you'll hear the door locks activate.

Turn ignition off, turn back on and see if ti starts.....no

If no close drivers door, make sure bonnet and all doors are closed.

Insert key into drivers door, assuming the battery is good on your handset then turn key to lock doors, hold key in the locking position press and hold down the unlock button for at least 5 seconds.

Remove key and press lock or unlock ONCE, all should now be fine.

Once you get it going its time to flee that odd country or face leaving the car there to be come a chicken run like they are in Zambia, give or take about 25 I've been told all beyond repair

Ignorance when it comes to modern vehicles is alarminly high so get to know how to work the EKA system and always have the code ready
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