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My wife was driving our 2007 RR TDV8 when the engine lost power however she made it back the last mile to home. When I subsequently started the engine the engine warning light came on and clouds of white smoke came from the exhaust and the engine ran rough.

I purchased an OBDII diagnostic device and it showed a P0489 error 'Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Control Circuit A Low'. Research suggested the right hand valve could be stuck open. This would cause inert exhaust gas to be drawn into the right bank of cylinders meaning the injected diesel could not be burnt. It would then come out as a white vapour rather like Air display teams inject Kerosine into the jet exhausts to produce a white smoke trail. A rich diesel mixture produces black smoke but if no burning takes place it will be white.

I bought a new EGR valve and spent a morning taking out the old valve and replacing it with the new one. I could immediately see that the old valve was indeed stuck open as you can see in the photo.


When I opened up the new valve it was clear that one of the four actuating fingers had broken off inside and was stuck in the mechanism which prevented the valve from closing. This broken bit cannot get into the engine as it is in the electro-mechanical side of the valve which is sealed off from the gas side.

Cog view.jpg brocken bit.jpg
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