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I have a P38 2.5 DSE (BMW Engine) 1994, Manual. Here in Portugal sent the car to the local (Southern Portugal) garage (as i didnt have time) for new leak off pipes, fuel lines, glow plugs, filter etc. On return engine check light was on and i had a very fast (1500rpm) tickover when hot, i asked them what they had done and they said nothing. I am fairly confident with mechanics so popping of the plastic cowlings, intercooler pipe etc i noticed that to change the glow plugs they had removed the manifold and on replacement trapped injector number 4 sensor wire under it, squashing the cable flat. After removing it and cleaning everything checking the cable (which wasnt broken unbeliveably) i replaced everything and everything was back to 100% normal (warning light off dash and no high tick over.

But to no surprise yesterday the engine basically wont tick over, whole thing shakes like a bag of spanners, it cannot seem to find a correct setting so jusy revs and drops the engine and basically you cant drive it. If i uplug the no4 sensor the engine idles at 1500 rpm and if you drive it, it over revs very badly, then settles then over revs etc.

Before i start removing injectors, can i ask the obvious question should i replace injector 4 or can i just cut the wires and re-solder new ones where they were squashed. Also how can i tell if i have a ERG engine or Non-ERG engine where should the ERG valve be, i was told, as you look at the engine, behind the EAS on the bulk head but i have an empty space behind the EAS unit.

Any help would be great on checking ERG valves, and the injector, many thanks Pete
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