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EFI Light ON

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1988 RR w/3.9, just replaced fuel pump & cats.. Runs perfectly well so fuel pressure seems to be fine. Mechanic has a scanner but not able to connect to computer. Any suggestions or does some one know which wires are which on the onboard plug?. He does not want to guess and burn up his scanner. Have disconnected battery but that did not clear light. Thanks, K
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Fill out your profile old boy, so we can see whereabouts in the world you are.
just disconnect the battery for 10 min or so should reset it or pull the battery.
Thanks Texas. Have disconnected the battery and usually that clears the light
but did not this time. Thanks to both in Australia and UK???
So do you mean you are in Texas? Texas US and A?

Do you have a code reader under the passenger seat?

If so have you read this?


If not, you will need a workshop with compatible code reading software to see what the code is.
I am in TX...
1988 RRC doesn't have the code reader as far as I know
but will check Tuesday am to be sure. Thank U!!!!
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