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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I am a newbie folks so please be gentle.

Late last week my 2004 RR Vogue TD6 lost drive while I was queing in traffic, error messages i thought i saw were EEPROM error and then Trans Failsafe Prog error. Car for all intents and purposes went into nutral regardless of the auto gear stick position. After a couple of minutes i switched the engine off and back on again. This then gave me drive and allowed me to drive for approx 1 mile, before i lost drive again and stopped and called the RAC, who came and towed me to the nearest garage.

I did not have any prior warning of this failure and everything was fine until the point that i lost drive. After loss of drive i did not notice and vibrations or noise at all.

Not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but I had the car remapped 3 weeks ago, funnily enough by the very garage that the car is not at. Just as a precaution i asked if they could reinstate the original software map just to make sure it was not this that caused the problem. I am currently awaiting the result of this software roll back.

At this point in time the garage concerned does not have the necessary software to fully diagnose the cause of problem and they are now suggesting that the car needs to go to the local RR dealership for diagnostic testing, which seems to be the good advise given their limitations.

I am posting here to request help / guidance with fault finding possible cause and identifying best way forward to get my car back on the road.
Many thanks in advance
Best regards
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