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I recently purchased a 2011 L322 and am now delving into the nitty gritty. I have owned and worked on the Classics and P38s extensively but held off on the L322s until now. Have some light experience with the earlier ones and am finding quite a few differences with the 10-12s.
So my questions are: Are any ECUs not programmed to specific vehicles (can they be replaced without programming)?
Are any ECUs compatible through the L322 line (seems like three versions for a few)?
What are you guys using for programming? I have used the Rovacom Lite on my old vehicles for years. I bit of a pain to keep working, but over all I've been satisfied. I have limited experience with the Autologic system again on older vehicles. Recently used the Lynx which is OK as a glorified code reader but has no programming capabilities and therefore not useful beyond basic troubleshooting. I am not finding much info on systems for 2010 and later. My immediate needs include key fob programming and putting in a memory seat module, but want to be as capable of performing the same tasks as I did with the older body styles.
Thanks in advance
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