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EAS valve block rebuild HELP

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SO today I decided what the heck to play it sae let me rebuild the whole valve block, so everything went find and I put the valve block back into the car started her up and nothing happeded I then sprayed some soapy water on and it appears that the compressor is running fine but a lot of air is going straight out the exhasut on the block but when I remove the line that goes to the tank there is pressure and air in the tank,when I was putting the new o-rings in I was using vaseline and put some on the no return valves as well as the diaphram could this have an effect on the air pouring out the exhaust?
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I was following the steps in this post

will wait and see what the experts have to say
Pulled the vlock out and cleaned all the vaseline off the o-rings everything is 100% now no leaks and the car doesnt lower after a couple hours should do the compressor some good as well.
Its not to hard, just be methodical when you take eveything appart,label all the piping and then remove the block it took me about 2-3 hours from start to finish and it was my first time also have a guide like this http://www.cordwell.net/paulp38a/eas-valve-block-renew/ handy to refer to
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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