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EAS valve block rebuild HELP

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SO today I decided what the heck to play it sae let me rebuild the whole valve block, so everything went find and I put the valve block back into the car started her up and nothing happeded I then sprayed some soapy water on and it appears that the compressor is running fine but a lot of air is going straight out the exhasut on the block but when I remove the line that goes to the tank there is pressure and air in the tank,when I was putting the new o-rings in I was using vaseline and put some on the no return valves as well as the diaphram could this have an effect on the air pouring out the exhaust?
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I'll let somebody who knows more about the valve block answer that but what I do know is Vaseline on rubber O'rings is not a good idea.

Any petroleum based product on rubber will make it harden and crack. AKA. KY jelly instead of Vaseline - lets not go there?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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