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Can someone please point me at the thread (which must exist) on this one?

Have new GII airbags and new compressor seal; everything working OK for a few weeks and no visible leaks.

Yesterday, I noticed it was taking a while to get from access to normal level and then I got a soft EAS fault whilst driving along. Old girl lowered to almost access level (not bump stops) so I pulled the EAS timer and continued the journey.

Today I ran the EASUnlock software and got two stored faults:-

Vehicle has moved (what the hell does this mean?)
RR Valve stuck closed

I read the heights (FL=69; FR=62; RL=71; RR=64) and cleared the faults but the old girl did not want to raise herself back up again via the compressor, so I manually inflated each bag via my emergency system. When I started her up again the EAS promptly expelled air and took her down to FL=85; FR=83; RL=78; RR=80 which is somewhere between access and low levels (see below).

I did notice that when I manually inflated the system air seemed to bleed from one side to another. For example I pumped up the rear left and the rear right also came up to an extent. Ditto front. That seems to suggest valves sticking open rather than closed though ... ?

How do I go about fixing a stuck valve, or even confirming that it actually is the valve as opposed to some other electrical glitch? I am considering a valve block rebuild but I understand this is just the O-rings so would not address this issue.



If it's important, here are the reference heights on my vehicle according to EASUnlock:-

Access : FL=67; FR=64; RL=75; RR=65
Low : FL=92; FR=89; RL=96; RR=86
Standard : FL=108; FR=105; RL=107; RR=100
High : FL=139; FR=136; RF=127; RR=126

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the right rear valve stuck shut is either a dying compressor or failing driver module. Since it's rising slowly it may be an empty tank, either from a leak or weak compressor.

When you put air in the LR, the RR will lift since the LR is lifting the entire back end. This would go slowly because 1 spring is lifting 2x it's intended load.

Use the pigtails override to make sure that each valve gives you a good solid click. I'll be the right rear doesn't, or is weak, which means the driver module is dying. If it's good, check the suction at the compressor filter, it should pull a decent vacuum against your finger quickly.

if air is moving from side/side it would lift the back end perfectly evenly from the equalized pressures.
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