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EAS-reset sync problem

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I've bee trying this all day long. Double checked all the wiring a couple of times, is seems to be fine.

tried almost every possible combination of the delays. Also I've been trying this with two different serial ports - the one on the docking station of my thinkpad, and a USB/serial prolific dongle - both worked fine a lot of times with a lot of devices I'm working with.

Any advices what to look next. I can't wait for new cable, will have to make this one work.

this is what I get before the RX starts displaying 0,80,0,80 etc ...

I've checked almost every possible topic here and on the sourceforge forums too. I'm starting to think the OBD port of my RR is the problem :(

Any ideas ?
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Well you've got further than me, I just get PP and that's it.

I've ruled out just about everything outside the car, so I'm just left with the OBDII port or the ECU itself, hopefully it's the port, I read about cleaning it with some wd40 and a tooth brush - I didn't have a toothbrush spare so used a nail brush with some wd40 but it made no difference, might be worth a try in your case?
The OBD connecter on my cable also has pins 4 and 5 connected together, I wasn't worried though as they are both grounds, one is signal ground and the other is chassis ground.

You've done what my next test was going to be, which is to plug the cable in and test continuity between the back of the obdII port in the car and the rs232.

I've no idea but the software writer is a member on here, you could try PMing him or waiting to see if he comes along to help!
Sorry forgot to mention that one, I had read about that and have mine set to US but still it doesn't work on mine, will hopefully test the port as soon as I get a min then I'll be a step further!

Thanks for updating the thread though and glad to hear you've got it working!

Cheers :thumb:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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