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EAS-reset sync problem

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I've bee trying this all day long. Double checked all the wiring a couple of times, is seems to be fine.

tried almost every possible combination of the delays. Also I've been trying this with two different serial ports - the one on the docking station of my thinkpad, and a USB/serial prolific dongle - both worked fine a lot of times with a lot of devices I'm working with.

Any advices what to look next. I can't wait for new cable, will have to make this one work.

this is what I get before the RX starts displaying 0,80,0,80 etc ...

I've checked almost every possible topic here and on the sourceforge forums too. I'm starting to think the OBD port of my RR is the problem :(

Any ideas ?
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Sorry I have not been following the thread. Email is the best way to contact me. I can not browse the dozen or so forums that I am am member of. It would take hours.

When you have trouble getting FF in the Rx buffer;
First check the cable construction.
Check the USB to Serial Adapter configuration; See video on www.RSWsolutions.com website
Make sure vehicle is running
Adjust idle delay slightly
Inspect EAS Delay relay
Inspect OBDII port
Clean OBDII port

Has the vehicle ever had a coolant leak from the heater core? If Yes: Drop right hand footwell panel and inspect OBDII port.
I would not use WD40 to clean the OBDII port. Oil is a very good insulator.
And I have indeed heard of regional Windows settings interfearing with the comm port function. Although this has usually been from eastern countries.
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