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Hi There
I have posted this on the Australian forum but am keen to get answers or suggestions If i could before attempting the journey home.
Here is what I have experienced
I bought the RRS last thursday in Melbourne then drove it back to Albury Friday with no probs. It is a 2006 2.7 Diesel. My wifes dad passed away unexpectedly so we were off to Adelaide the next day. I debated whether to take the old car but took the Rangie untested. Things went well till Pinnaroo where I couldnt unlock the car with the fob (either of them) even though I could here the door lock solenoids working. After a 5 minute anxious battle they unlocked and off we went.
2 days ago after the first morning start up the orange suspenseion light came on for about a minute then went out. Didnt do it again until today on first startup where it cycled through test no probs then a few minutes down the road it came up red with the dont exceed 30 mph warning. It went out after 30 seconds or so never to appear again today.
2 things i checked today were the battery which looks newish with no date markings on it.. genbuine LR and I took the cover off the air compressor expecting to find a Hitachi compressor but found a very clean looking AKM instead.
My worry is getting beached on the way back to albury which is around 900 k's away.
I have taken out the relay and reseated it. Removed the relevant fuses, checked .them and replaced them in case oxidation may have been the culprit.
Does anyone have any advice as to what to do right now till I get home?
Lovely Machine incidentally, quite a relaxed drive.
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