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EAS question

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I've searched on the forum for a particular problem I am experiencing with the wifes 2001 rangie but have not come across it. The problem is, usually in the morning, that the truck lifts up to the extended profile setting. Sometimes just the front while the rear stays in the normal mode. Other times the rear lifts to high profile and still at other times it joins the front and lifts to extended profile. This was the case this morning. After turning the truck on I went inside to grab my things. Coming out I notice the rig up to the extended profile mode with the high profile button blincking. I'm thinking it's the front height sensors since the compressor also seems to be running consistently. Any ideas or verification it could be the sensors. Forgot to mention the rising to extended profile has also happened when driving. Rig bouncing up and down like some crappy low-rider.

Thanks - Eddie
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bad non-return valves are a culprit of this.
I'll support a coil conversion in few cases, and recommend one in fewer....(Scotty :evil: )

A valve block rebuild should do it, or rule out the mechanicals.

Actually, I always forget about the most obvious one, swap out relay 20. If the relay sticks the comp will still run when the ECU tries to shut it off, so when it tries to lower it will go up instead...

Easier fix and more likely it.
no problem, do the relay first, the dealers are notorious for mis-diagnosing the EAS...
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