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EAS question: Collet insertion

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For me, the hardest part of airbag replacement has been the insertion of brass collar/airline into the airbag.

I've tried 2 ways so far:
1) lift the brass collar a bit w/ a screwdriver (while still in the airbag) and press airline in.
2) Completely take out the brass collar from the airbag, and prefit it on the tip of the airline.

Option 1 has been easier if the airline goes in smoothly, but even w/ copious amount of vaseline, airline sometimes won't go through the brass collar into the orings.

Option 2 is reliable, but often extremely hard to press in the collar.

So, what's the best method to do this?
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never had any issues when i rebuilt the valve block or replaced the airbags...
i will always chamfer the end of the airline with a pencil sharpener and lightly lube, they always slide right in for me.
i also just leave the collets on the airbags etc. i have never tried to fit the collet to the airline, and then into the bag.
try the pencil sharpener trick and let us know.
don't put the collet on the line first, pushing it through the hole will crimp the tube enough that the airline can pull out under pressure.

Just shove it into the collet in the airspring. Pulling it up with the screwdriver actually makes the collet tighter. the inside of the hole is tapered to tighten the collet on the line as it pulls back out because of air pressure, so that bit of play is needed. leave the collet flat against the spring portion of the fitting.
Thanks for the tips.

Of 4 airbags I replaced recently, 3 went in all right, but the last one was a killer. No matter what I did, the tube didn't go in, so I attached the collet to the tip of the airline and forced in the collet to the airbag.

Never thought of sharpening the tip of the airline w/ a pencil sharpener. Gonna try it the next time I replace the airbags, which I hope won't be any time soon.

Just as a heads up. I have just spent two hours arsing around trying to get a seal on one of my new Arnott rear bags, only to find out after much fitting and removing and trying and triming the air line only to find the O rings where missing. :shock:
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