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Before anyone chokes jokes or otherwise

I have a new problem on my own 03 L322 RR, god knows like i have not had enough :)

Yes i know we produce diagnostic equipment and so on but as i have always tried to explain, we don't actually fix cars ourselves. We ain't mechanics, we are but computer programmers and our ability to access the systems themselves is but the first elememnt in solving any problem.

As such, now i have a problem, it does not matter if i use our equipment or the Land Rover stuff or any other to reveal what the car has to say about it, i still now need some help moving that info on to the next level. IE whats likely to actually be wrong. Which only experience, we do not have can possibly help with
Hence the reason for this post.

So the car pops up the EAS inactive message and takes a dive to the front left, and stores a fault of "Articulation error" nothing more helpful than that i am afraid.

I checked live sensor input values and have compared them to examples of pre fault library values, the sensors seem to report real time input values consistant with what they always have. the FL sensor being about 10% lower than the others.

Similarly calibration values are also as they should be.

Clearing faults simply repeats the cycle.Although i note that even before it decides to store a fault and take the EAS off line the FL always appears to be low.

I have fitted and calibrated a new FL sensor and have even fitted a new front axle cross link valve bearing in mind mine is an 03 model. and cross linking was removed on late models. But it is still doing the same

Now i have options of FR sensor (7 times price of FL) or to start looking at the rear sensors and its cross link. valve.

However at this stage i am feeling it might be wise to see if anyone else might be able to add any input experience or light on this mystery problem.

And as such i thought i might openly ask before moving further on with it myself.

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Hmmn, its deffo not a lock on or other user control issue.

And i would not have expected that fault for a leaky air bag. It also seems to trigger the fault when driving and not when stood.
Every time i clear the faults and get the system back on line, it all starts out really fine, all level, goes up and down, i give it some articulating excersices, one wheel off kerb etc.
all seems fine, then i start to use it and notice that the Front Left is always riding low. I will park up and get out and the FL is really low, which is something the system often re inflates as i lock it etc, come back a day later and its still as i left it, then i notice again that during use the FL is again riding low and then after a 20 or so miles the EAS goes off line and the same fault is stored.

However, i guess anything is possible and it costs nothing to give them a once over with a soapy solution to see if i can find any leaks.
I will of course try to test the bag at different positions as its likely it only leaks in certain positions.

Were you getting an Articulation error fault code Man-O-War?
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