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EAS:Pressure switch state not changing. Always on.

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I've now got a intermittent issue with the EAS getting into fault with the above message being logged.
This happens like once a week. And the pump runs for a long time after hitting onto the fault.

What could be the issue here? The pressure switch being faulty?

PS: I have a VIAIR 380C aftermarket compressor
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ALthough it's possible the pressure switch has gone bad, it could also be your driver pack. I went through a couple of pressure switches and right front intermittent errors before a changed driver pack fixed everything.

I will be switching back to original valve block tomorrow or the day after. Did a o-ring rebuild on that one. I'll see if this would cause troubles.

Any other thought are welcome.
Leaks from the tank could do it, but most often it's a failing driver module
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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