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eas mysterious soft fault

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Hello all,

My name's Benji, I'm new to this forum; however, I was wondering if some could help me.
I've a 93 rangie that will log a fault code if left on access mode for more than 6 hours (self levelling time). I've not been out there to see what it does at the six hour mark yet.
If I leave it on any other hight overnight i't's fine.
I assume the intake and outlet valves are all working fine, as I can stand or lift each corner of the vehicle and it pumps up or down to re-level without fuss.
I assume the soloniod valve is fine as no air escapes the outlet pipe during pumping, and no air escapes the inlet pipe during settling.
All the bags are fine as they're new arnott 3.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanx Rufant; you have my car, a 94lse! (Insert drible here)

My fault reader is storye's software on my laptop, in which the fault comes up in location F8 as 225, which says 'hidden'
reading many threads last night electrical faults seem to be quite rare, and air leakes seem to prevail. I will have to check the whole system to make sure. However in maintanes it's hight overnight to the millimetre.
Interestingly when parked on a dead flat surface on access for 6 hours or more it won't log a code, only in my shed which isn't quite flat.
WHat i'm hypothesising is the when I lower the car in my shed one or more wheels in on the bumpstops, and when the car comes to re-level it can't. I also have to check the sensor bit counts, (as they are very idealic; 110 for both rear, and 90 for both front) with storye's new software (in realtime) as I read last night that the sensors can have variances between them.
So maybe these two in combination is trying to make the car reach an impossible height. However when lowering to acess in my shed the car does reach access hight (solid not flashing lower light).

The closest other code reader in a hour away in Melbourne, and I'll get this done if I can't sort it out myself.

Many regards,
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Thanx heaps guys, very much appreciated.
I've now filed out my profile.
I can test the sensors, thanx for the lead!
THanx guys, you've solved the mystery. Swapped the front height sensors over, and the problem is gone!! Also Dennis your airbags are brilliant, and the rest of the kit whent in fine! My personal opinion is that the springs are smoother on the highway even though they're a heavier spring rate, due to the fact they can control the front shockers (which are way overdamped out of the factory) a lot better.
Thanx again.
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