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eas mysterious soft fault

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Hello all,

My name's Benji, I'm new to this forum; however, I was wondering if some could help me.
I've a 93 rangie that will log a fault code if left on access mode for more than 6 hours (self levelling time). I've not been out there to see what it does at the six hour mark yet.
If I leave it on any other hight overnight i't's fine.
I assume the intake and outlet valves are all working fine, as I can stand or lift each corner of the vehicle and it pumps up or down to re-level without fuss.
I assume the soloniod valve is fine as no air escapes the outlet pipe during pumping, and no air escapes the inlet pipe during settling.
All the bags are fine as they're new arnott 3.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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G'day Benji,

welcome to the forum. Do you have a code reader and if so what does the code say?

fill out your profile so we can see where you are. There could be someone with a code reader down the road!

Does sound height sensor related.
Hmmm, your profile doesn't seem to be showing. See how everybody elses shows their location in the righthand pane, like mine says Adelaide, Australia. Most of the US based guys just list their city and maybe state. It just makes it easier for people giving advice, etc.
Well done Dennis, you passed the test! I was wondering who would spot that :wink:

Your prize is in the post...
The Anglia would be easier, they can fly don't you know?

If you ever find yourself in Adelaide, we'll take it for a day at the track (the M3, not the Anglia!) how about that?
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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