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EAS Lift Calibration

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Been doing quite a bit of research about lifting my truck, and wanted to get some issues nailed down before I ordered my cable and downloaded the software. I know alot of you guys have done it, and I also know that Storey lurks around here, so here goes...

1. How much can I lift it (inches, preferably), standard height and high height?
2. Ive been reading about how to do it from Storey's work, and RSWSolutions.com, and Im curious as to the lifted values for the most lift without maxing out springs? I understand it is different for each vehicle, but ballpark...
3. Is it true you have to increase these values a little bit at a time, or can you just "jump" to your new values?

Also, Im not very computer-talented. Is it difficult to do the "computer stuff" involved with Storey's software?

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you can only go so far with just an electronic lift, about an inch, then you start confusing the ECU with out of range settings.

the rear sensors need to be extended to prevent tearing them apart on articulation, then bent a bit to be back in acceptable range. The fronts can just be bent.

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