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EAS Kicker problem

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can you tell me why my eas kicker not working?
who can fixed?
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WOW karson, you have got a problematic EAS kicker, i have not seen one of those in years.
I would say that's one in a million, but actually that would be exaggerating as in reality it is more like 1 in 500.

It might be worth trying to re upload the firmware using the software supplied on the EAS kicker's support web site, the URL of which is provided in the literature you got with the unit.
You will also find details of how to obtain an RMA for return and repair there too if you need it.

If you lost that, drop me a PM, i would be only too happy to help :thumb:

warmest regards
I could not have put it better myself Rick, hence my surprise, and i actually checked the records today, and found out that i have exaggerated slightly, the maths actually makes it a bit closer to 2 in 500 :!:
Interestingly the last time we had one in under RMA was back in 2008, and we just plugged that into a PC and reprogrammed it. As for its smaller brother, the EAS Kicker lite, we have never ever had one back. :dance:
The same goes for the Faultmate FCR's, although that is newer. However as one can tell visually, it's very much the same design and technology, so i don't expect these will be less than Bullet proof either.

The single Row of Black squares happens when the Kicker has no software / firmware in it.
AFAIK, that can only happen if you try to upgrade it, and after erasing the old software the Kicker does not get a full upload of the replacement software.

However the design of the unit is clever enough to be fail safe, because the bit of code that connects to the PC and downloads the software is in ROM that cannot be erased, and it is triggered by detecting it it connected to a PC when the unit is first started.

So if you get have another go at reprogramming it as i suggested, you should get it to download one way or another and be back in business as usual.

However if you can't for whatever reason, if you are willing to cover the postage, i will happily repair the thing totally free of charge, and that goes for anyone. :thumb:
Being a small relatively low value item the postage should not be much.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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