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Have a 1997 Range Rover HSE Kingsington edition... EAS has been working fine since I bought it about a year ago. Second owner, first owner took great care of it, about 80k miles on it right now.

Today, when I went to crank it up, it was trying to go from access level to normal height. It was doing the usual blinking on the normal level, and the access level was solid. Usually, I can just go and it will raise up to normal as I'm driving fairly quickly. Not this time--- It just sits there on access level. Tried raising it to the highest level and then clicking it back down, but it just sits there. Now its on access and I obviously can't drive it anywhere. No faults or lights are even being displayed, and everything sounds normal at startup.

Anyone know what this might be? Any questions, ask, and I'll answer as best as I can.

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