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EAS issues - parking on blocks

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Happy new year all

Not entirely sure if I'm being a bit dim here, but here goes....

I have a EAS leak in the front drivers side – the collet won't seal properly. I've re-piped the bag to the valve block to no avail. The leak is intermittent, sometimes its fine for ages, then troublesome.

So, as she's wearing oversize tyres, I park her on full height, and put blocks under the bump stops, leaving a small gap. As she senses the drivers front air bag going down, she settles the other 3 to rest on the blocks, lowering about an inch or so.

My theory is the pump is only then having to inflate the bags a small amount instead of empty to full (as she would lower to bump stops trying to level against the leaking bag), and the oversize tyres don't end up sitting on the body (no extended bumps yet)

When parked, I leave the switch in extended height, and there's a trickle charger keeping the battery nicely topped up. Quite often when I come back to her after a week or so, I will have one completely deflated bag, and 3 nice firm bags

Now I reckon that is not doing the EAS any harm being parked like this, but she won't come up at all unless I remove the blocks and lower the car on the jack – this seems to trigger a reaction, and low and behold, up she comes – I noticed this a while ago and was pointed to the fuse box, but is it too consistent for a fuse box fault? Am I actually hurting the EAS leaving her on blocks? When parked, is she trying to level up and getting confused? - there's no saying my blocks correspond to the calibrated heights, so she might never think she's actually level.

The cars a 4.6 HSE Gems, on Arnott Gen 3 bags – the pump is new, the valve block and sensors seem ok (like I say, once woken up, the EAS works fine) – she does have sparodic door/alarm issues at the moment, so often isn't going to sleep properly.

Also, any tricks to sealing an airbag collet before my new pump gets worn out trying to keep up?

Appreciate any assistance,

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The rear height sensors need to be modified to get the extra height that Gen III air bags give. The front sensors are OK as they are. The rear need extending about 1" longer and the arms also need to be bent to bring them back into range. From memory I think the max is 160 front and 150 rear (I might have got it the wrong way round). More than this it goes out of range.
An additional trick is to shave the end of the air line with a crayon or pencil sharpener. I tiny little chamfer can make a world of difference in the seal.
HUGE thanks RRToadHall - this little beauty...

Product Technology Electronic device Metal Electronics accessory

...has stopped my leak on the Arnott bag (3 days, no droop), 'tis now an official item in my tool kit - you Sir, is a bloomin marvel :thumb:
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I lowered the rear sensors, upper bolt gets into the lower hole and a plate of metal inserted covering all three holes.

front sensor i moved the arm up on the mountingpoint on the reactionarm
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