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Hi everyone,

Sorry to add one more post about suspension but i read through tons and can't find an answer.
This is my first problem with suspension on the car and i don't have enough experience with it to place the fault.

I will describe the timeline of the issue:

1 Air susp inactive message came up (dealer removed it and was fine for a couple of weeks)
2 Air susp inactive again (bought the LRII by icarsoft and checked the codes: too much energy for regulation front axle)
3 was fine for a while while i was trying to read on what could be the cause and then the front right went down.
4 next day deleted same fault as before, whenever i parked the front right would go down i could hear a massive hiss from that corner but it would always come back up next time i started it and drove fine with full control going up and down.
5 front left went down and new message "self leveling susp inactive" along with Air susp inactive
6 then both fronts started going down with those messages and coming back up in the morning without me doing anything and messages gone.
7 currently both fronts are down, messages come up and delete themselves by switching ignition off and back on. no movement whatsoever from front. rears are fine and go up and down, compressor works fine.
Today i had these faults when i started it:
1 CAN bus Fault
2 Too much energy for regulation needed: front axle

i checked the front sensors' readings and got this:

RHS voltage: 4.19v
RHS height: -76.67mm
LHS voltage: 53.27v
LHS height: -81.65mm

These look terribly wrong to me so i suspected sensors, but now they don't even try to adjust so i am not sure what to think...

I am lost!

Again, sorry if this seems obvious to some of you but i am really just looking for a place to start.
if i go to a dealer they try to sell me everything...

Thank you

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Forget the dealer, forget your sensors, dealers didn't know whet they were doing when they cleared the error. Clearing the errors does NOTHING to solve the issue. Sensor readings will read from the other end of the scale when they have been swapped between sides or replaced. Another this to remember is that the readings are NOT any kind of measurement.

When you get the suspension inactive it is telling to pay attention. Biggest reason is that you are over heating your compressor keeping up with a leak. When you hear air escaping you have a bag that has failed. Replace the front struts and enjoy another many years of driving. Then hope your compressor is not burnt out yet from ignoring the leaks. Just be cause it is running does not mean it is is producing enough air pressure to fill the tank.

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Go to Arnott and get the bag rebuild kit, just the bag no strut. Otherwise waste of money. If you’re really low on budget Suncore Industries complete struts have been out there, with quite a few failures soon after installing or defective out of box. Supposedly good customer service.

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Hello again guys,

So due to no other alternative in stock i went out and purchased two complete OEM struts for the front.
Had a bit of a fuss after swapping as i didn't think it would be a good idea to drop the car on fully deflated sir bags so i pressurised them just enough for the bags to hold shape and refitted the air lines.
When i dropped it off the service ramp it went low-rider style all around.
Wasn't sure on what to do so disconnected the battery to force a reset and after moving the car a few yards it went straight up and sits perfectly level now with full suspension control on the switch.

Thank you for the "short and sweet" reply that prevented me from wasting time and money swapping sensors!

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