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EAS How long to change heights?

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I've recently rebuilt my valve block with the "O" ring kit, and added home made rubbers seals to the end of the solenoid valves.

Last night I fitted a brand new compressor (not a rebuild).

My question is now:

Look at the pressure guage in the morning (I have the EAS remote air and gauge kit) and see approx 110 - 120 psi on the guage.

This means the truck should rise almost instantly to the normal height?

Instead the access light stays on with the normal light blinking for about 4-5 minutes.

I have reset the EAS a couple of times. It seems IF it can't get to the correct height in a specified time it gives in and hard faults.

How long does an EAS sytem in good working order take to change heights?

It would seem the EAS driver is the next likely villian?

96 P38
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did it do this before the rebuild as well? (I'm guessing no...)

If not, then the driver should be OK, something with the rebuild went wrong.

A non-return valve in backwards can do that.
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