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So finally last week I got my Ist EAS Soft Fault. All the EAS position lights will flash and finally lite up with message EAS Fault. My RR was stuck in normal mode and wouldn't go up or down. The fault did not clear itself even with battery disconnected for hours so I ordered the EAS buddy.

EAS buddy reset the system and found the following errors:
1.--Current Faults---->
Pressure Signal Constantly High
Vehicle Has Moved
Faults Cleared
<-END Faults
2.--Previous Faults--->
FL Signal Incorrect
FR Signal Incorrect
RL Signal Incorrect
RR Signal Incorrect
Faults Cleared
<-END Faults

After the reset, system seems to be running much better and I have not had any issues. RR now raises within 2-3 secs of starting every morning, before it use to be 5-10 mins sometimes.

Should I be worried about future issues or does this in everyone's expert opinion sound like a one time fault. Mine is a '00 4.0 SE with 86K Miles and air bags are around 2 years old. Expect opinions are greatly appreciated.
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