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eas fault-quick advice?

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hey all. front bags blew, i replaced them but not before the slow 35mph fault got triggered. i'm about to manually pump it up using the jumper wires, but i wanted to know what to do:
-The valveblock seems to be tick tick tick tick tick tick ticking probably once or twice a second. compressor not running of course. my next step was to do the jumpers to try to manually operate the compressor, but i wanted to know why it was ticking constantly.
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it's ticking because it's trying to self-level, which it can't because there's no air in there. Use the pigtails to get it up in the air, and yes, get a Buddy to reset the fault so you can go back to automatic ops.
Not sure why it's cutting out, but it's not coming up because of no air, it takes 7 ish minutes to fill a tank with a good compressor.
Ah! I thought it was cutting out with the relay jumped...

Pin 1 on the ECU only has power for a minute after the door is closed, that's what the delay reay does. Put the key in position II and that goes away...

To reset the fault it's the Buddy OR the stealer, not both.... There are several other options, have a look at the diagnostic section of the forum for other options.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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