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eas fault-quick advice?

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hey all. front bags blew, i replaced them but not before the slow 35mph fault got triggered. i'm about to manually pump it up using the jumper wires, but i wanted to know what to do:
-The valveblock seems to be tick tick tick tick tick tick ticking probably once or twice a second. compressor not running of course. my next step was to do the jumpers to try to manually operate the compressor, but i wanted to know why it was ticking constantly.
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Get yourself an EAS Buddy! You'll save yourself alot of money and trips to the dealer or the local indie. Also having one of your own will come in handy when you have another blowout(you will) in the future. Also invest in another valve block, dryer, and compressor. I personally have 2 compressors, 2 block, and 2 dryer. I purchased and rebuild them myself after the stealership told me it would be 5 grand replace the EAS system(I needed rear bags, too!) I will never convert to coils. One last piece of advise, if one of your bags is blown change all four. You'll save yourself alot of headache down the road. Also, if you do it yourself, use alot of lube on the orings and the airhoses.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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