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eas fault-quick advice?

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hey all. front bags blew, i replaced them but not before the slow 35mph fault got triggered. i'm about to manually pump it up using the jumper wires, but i wanted to know what to do:
-The valveblock seems to be tick tick tick tick tick tick ticking probably once or twice a second. compressor not running of course. my next step was to do the jumpers to try to manually operate the compressor, but i wanted to know why it was ticking constantly.
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Hey Dennis..Havent forgotten I still have to ship you that valve block. its in my garage and i keep meaning to box it up. i'll do it this week for you.

alright, so get this: I jumpered the compressor at first through the fusebox panel under hood for 60 seconds, and then pins 1-8 on the plug under the seat. I ran it for a couple minutes (2-3) to get some pressure in the system, but it cut off on its own? i dont think i over pressurized the system, did I? So, using pigtails, I started lifting it, but it didnt even get the left front and rear up all the way. What next? I'm running out of daylight :)
i disconnected the compressor and reconnected it; i was able to start it again, and this time i didnt leave it connected nonstop. i ran it for 30-45 seconds, and then removed jumper 1. repeated the process for a couple times, but it just cut out on me again. Not sure how to proceed. also, im guessing there just wasnt enough air in the tank bc it wasnt going up anymore.
Okay, riddle me this:

I jumpered the compressor to run, then it stopped as usual at 60 seconds. i opened the door, it started running again. closed the door as it continued, total of 60 seconds it cut off. Opened door, it started again. Repeated this process 7 times, and pumped up the system :).

Now, I need to reset the system. are my only choices the buddy box for now and the stealership trip?
Thanks, D-Sizzle :thumb: I looked in that section, but was kind of confused as to how exactly to reset it. according to the page, it said that we can temporarily get rid of the sound, but after 20 minutes if goes into "super hard fault" mode saying 20mph max. So, I kinda stopped there. I will need to get it to the dealership for some other stuff, i'll just ask the foreman to reset it for me when he's working on it. I sure hope I'm not jumping from the frying pan into the fryer... :shock:
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