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My girlfriends 98 4.6 HSE was slow to raise in the mornings, and always seemed to sink right front low overnight.
Airbags look new and I checked for leaks at the pipe junctions and found nothing.
A couple of weeks ago early one morning after a 15 mile drive to drop me at the Airport, she had a EAS soft fault 35mph warning etc.
After I took off, of course!
I told her to park it and drive my car til I got back.
When I got back, it was sitting forlorn in her garage, again RH front on bumps.
Got the RWS software, and ran the diagnostic today.
Faults recorded are:
4- RL signal incorrect
6- RR signal incorrect
1- vehicle speed fault
7- vehicle has moved
3- RR valve stuck closed

The software did everything it said, and I reset the codes... Its all working fine again.

Can someone enlighten me on what is going on please?

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KeyRange said:
Ok, will order a rebuild kit...
Do you think the leak is in the valve block or in the lines somewhere?
most likely at an oring, either in the block, or where the airlines enter the block or spring. If the line itself leaks, it's typically catistrophic...

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Ok, cos I did the old soap and spray thing and saw no bubbles...
Did bump into a local RR Specialist a few weeks ago and he stood and chatted to me... he suggested I check the line to the RF that is under the battery as he said sometimes they corrode there.
A pump and block seal kit is on its way to me!
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