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EAS - default to access on firing up?

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Can't believe I have to ask this having researched and done the following:-

EAS bypass / manual inflation rig
New Arnott GII bags
New compressor piston / cylinder assembly
Fusebox rewire
EAS wake-up bypass link (F44 etc.)
Valve block overhaul (O-rings plus new diaphragm) - just completed

The rear end still drops about 2cm overnight but I can live with that. Cannot find any leaks but clearly there is one. I had hoped the block rebuild would fix it.

However, what does appear to be new is that when I start the motor (in "Park") she drops down to access mode. Select "Drive" and up she comes to Normal height in good time. I don't remember that being normal behaviour - any ideas?

Not a show stopper that's for sure - just weird.


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not normal, if the wake-up bypass was done incorrectly this will happen. I don't recall the resolution though (electronics is NOT my strong point...)
This is happening to mine all of a sudden. Whenever I start the car it automatically lowers to access mode - any ideas why?
Do you still have the timer relay in or have you put a 4 pin in instead? Some have found that causes it to do odd things at startup. the other possibility is if you have been playing with diagnostics, see the last post in this thread Range Rover P38 Automatic Acess Mode | Range Rovers Forum
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