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EAS curious question

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In less than a week buying my RR by help of you guys fixed many small tit bits. Thanks a ton guys.

Regarding EAS i have noticed few things and it works fine as of now.

Doesn't go on bump stop in night
Take only 3 sec to level car in morning from start
Take only 5 sec to lift from acess mode to offroad setting with 5 people loaded.

So far looks god, but me being psychic about EAS wanna know few facts.

EAS life depends on age (yr) or milegae (km) or both?
If compressor working every 5 seconds on few red light and doesnt work so much on start up or when parked idle sometime, should i be worried or that's normal behavior?
No red light in dash, but still i can see the open book with exclamation sign on my A/C Control screen, any issues with EAS.
Where can i find all error message or possible symptom for EAS?
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Have a look at www.rswsolutions.com for an explanation of the EAS system and components. :thumb:
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