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I wanted to be able to know when and how often my EAS compressor was running (for EAS troubleshooting purposes) without having to listen for the vibration, so I wired in a LED to the C117 connector wiring under the drivers seat (green wire is +12V to the compressor, black wire is ground). I used an orange 12V LED from Radio Shack (model: 276-272 - $1.99 USD). The LED is just wedged up under the center console side panel, because i didn't want to permanently mount it in the dash constantly distracting me. I can easily look down and see if it is on or off but it is out of sight from passengers.

Radio Shack 12V Orange LED with holder (276-272):

Wiring into the EAS C117 harness under the driver's seat:

LED wired up and wedged under center console side panel:

View from the seat with the LED on:
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