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EAS Collet question - interchangeable between airbag brands? And a sealing question.

The subject says it all - are they interchangeable between airbag brands? I ordered a pair of new Suncore springs for the front of my truck, and one has a collet, one does not. I do plan to call them and ask for one to be sent, but it seems like something it might be good to have spares of. My truck already has Suncore bags in the back, but would the included collets be interchangable with valve block too? They do not look the same as the ones being sold on eBay, they have no lip around the outside.

Also, do these types of air connections seal better at higher air pressure? Logically and looking at the diagrams I think that would be the case. Reason I ask is I trimmed and reseated one of the air lines to a rear bag tonight due to a small leak. In the process I found that I have a splice back there too, and in poking and prodding, the splice came apart. Got it back together and under the initial low pressure to re-inflate the bag it was leaking like a sieve. Poked and prodded some more and decided to just inflate it all the way. Seems to not be leaking now - we will see in the morning. I don't like the idea of splices, so I ordered replacement air line. Figure it would be best to have some "in stock" anyway, it is not terribly expensive. Pretty impressive that a little fitting with a couple O-rings can hold up a 5000lb truck!


Kevin Rhodes
Westbrook, ME
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